We want to offer an alternative to the way that Physical Therapy is done in Edmonton. Our mission is to help you get STRONGER and move BETTER so that you don't need Physio in the future. 


We want to help you get to the underlying cause of your issue, rather than just offering a band-aide solution 

1-on-1 appointments

Your appointment is 1-on-1 with your Physical Therapist. We do not see multiple patients at once and we don't delegate our patients to aids/ assistances. 

extended treatment times

We offer extended treatment times with your Physical Therapist (45-60 mins). These longer appointments allow us to spend time in the gym working on getting you stronger, but also allow time for hands on treatment in one of our private treatment rooms. 

FocussED on getting to the source of your injury

We want to focus on getting you stronger and helping you move better. A lot of injuries are the result of muscular imbalances and/ or reduced mobility. We believe in spending time with you to identify these areas and developing a plan to help you correct these. 

Are you ready to start feeling better?

#201, 6766 75th Street NW.

Edmonton, AB

Tel: 780-752-5788

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