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Move Better

Our name says it all. Priority #1 is helping you move better and get stronger. This can only be done through focussed exercise, and we strive to incorporate it whenever possible. 

Feel Better

Once a corrective exercise program has been developed, some injuries respond well to the addition of a variety of treatments (dry needling/ IMS, manual therapy). 

Perform Better

No longer dealing with an injury? Then you are ready to take your training / performance to the next level. We can use a combination of movement screens and strength balance assessments to help you reach your goals. 

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The Movement First Approach

Prioritize movement & exercise

Our bodies were designed to move and move often. We want to help you move better and move more. 


We prioritize movement, and try to make it part of every treatment. We don't think of your exercises as an afterthought, but as the MAIN part of your recovery. 


The clinic is embedded with a state of the art fitness facility to ensure that we have all the equipment needed to aid your recovery.

1-on-1 treatment approach

We think that you deserve 1-on-1 attention during your appointment. That is why we don't use aids/ assistants and don't juggle multiple patients at once.

Your appointment is just you and your Physical Therapist. We use a combination of private treatment rooms and extended treatment times (45 mins) to spend the time needed to assist you in your recovery.

Evidence-based treatments

Your time is valuable. The Movement First approach is focussed on including only the MOST effective treatments.

Across the board, strength training has been show to be extremely effective (if not the most effective) treatment for most conditions.

Passive treatments like TENS machines, heat packs, and ultrasound aren't part of our process. We think that your time would be better spent elsewhere (such as in the gym). 

Kara G.

Jason is absolutely amazing. If you want a physiotherapist who will listen to you, and your body, while figuring out a treatment/exercise regimen that works for YOU and your lifestyle, then seriously, you found him. In September, I did extensive training for cycling where I began to feel pain throughout my hamstring, back, and hip. I was unable to add any tension on the indoor cycling bikes, and was worried I wouldn't be able to ride the way I used to. I had tried other physiotherapists who provided me with exercises, and cookie-cutter approaches to help fix my problem. I didn't see progress until I met with Jason

Dustin A.

I have struggled with various soft tissue injuries for around 7 years and spent thousands on physio, massage, acupuncture and chiro. Jason is easily the most helpful physio I have ever worked with. Not only did he identify the problem quickly but he did a great job helping me with strengthening exercises. This is the best I have felt in years.

Kaylee R

Jason is awesome! He is very knowledgable and he CARES. It is obvious that he builds a relationship with all his clients and he makes you feel comfortable. I love that he is more focused on exercises and strengthening rather than just using machines. He is one of the best physio's I've had, hands down!

#201, 6766 75th Street NW.

Edmonton, AB

Tel: 780-752-5788

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