Functional Dry Needling / IMS

Helping you get out of pain faster

Functional Dry Needling (or Intramuscular stimulation) is a technique which uses fine acupuncture needles to release tight bands, or "trigger points", in a muscle. The theory underlying IMS is to enhance the communication between the nerve and muscle, which results in decrease muscle tension, decrease pain, and increased strength. 

Patients often describe a feeling of cramping or twitching when the acupuncture needle is inserted. There is often a mild level of discomfort (usually described as an ache) following treatment that usually subsides within 24 hours..

This treatment is a great adjunct to your corrective exercise program:


1. Dry needling can improve mobility, which allows the patient to perform the active component of their rehab more effectively.

2. It can help to reduce pain, which again can make it less uncomfortable for the patient to move and exercise.
3. It can speed up recovery, which helps the patient see that there is a light at at the end of the tunnel and keeps them motivated to participate in their recovery program 

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